Have about 1 pc honesty, making efforts to improve, says minister Anand Singh

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Tourism Minister Anand Singh speaking at the deeksha ceremony at Hosapete on Wednesday.

BALLARI: Tourism Minister Anand Singh on Wednesday created quite a storm when he said he had just about 1 per cent honesty in life.

The minister, who spoke in Hindi at a ceremony where a 20-year-old girl from a well-to-do Jain family took monkhood on Wednesday, said, “I have about 1 per cent honesty and I am making efforts to improve it by another 1 per cent.

“I absorb the guidance given by spiritual leaders of all communities and will make efforts to walk on the path of dharma. Sometimes, I commit mistakes, but then I seek forgiveness from God and continue my efforts to improve my honesty by another per cent”, he said, drawing mirth from the gathered crowd.

Mumukshu took deeksha on the occasion.

At the event hosted by Sri Adinath Shwetambar Sangha at a private hotel, Mumukshu Vidhikumari Mahaveer Jain, who belongs to a wealthy family from Hosapete, took monkhood. Mumukshu is the third daughter of late businessman Kantilal G Jirawal and Rekhadevi Jirawal.

Mumukshu was drawn toward spiritualism right from her younger days. She had undertaken 48-day penance twice when she was 10 and 12 years old.

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