Israel Defence Force: Hamas opens fire at soldiers during evacuation of civilians

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TEL AVIV: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said that a “significant” number of soldiers continue to fight in Gaza City’s al-Shati camp, The Times of Israel reported.

It said that Givati Brigade troops identified civilians in a building and enabled them to evacuate. The IDF said that Hamas opened fire at the soldiers during the evacuation.

According to the IDF, the troops returned fire and tanks fired on terrorists and killed them. In another incident, the IDF said that the soldiers identified a group of Hamas operatives holed up in a building in al-Shati and directed an airstrike to strike them.

Meanwhile, the IDF said that a fighter jet hit a Hamas weapons depot in a building in the camp after a missile was fired from it, according to The Times of Israel report. In another incident on Saturday, Nahal Brigade troops operating near al-Shati identified four Hamas operatives near them. The troops directed a drone to strike the terrorists. According to the IDF, the drone hit three of them before chasing down the fourth and killing him as well.

Earlier, the IDF said that Israeli warplanes hit terror infrastructure in Syria. The IDF said that the attack was carried out in response to rocket fire that came towards the Golan Heights from Syria several hours ago, according to The Times of Israel report. The IDF did not share details regarding the target.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called Hamas an “integral part of the axis of terrorism” led by Iran, which he said endangers the Middle East and Arab world as well.

While addressing the press conference at Kirya in Tel Aviv, he said, “Hamas is an integral part of the axis of terrorism led by Iran, and this axis of terrorism and evil endangers the entire Middle East, and the entire Arab world as well. I am convinced that many Arab leaders understand this.”

Netanyahu urged the leaders of Arab states to come out against Hamas. He noted that Hamas in the past 16 years has brought disaster to Gaza. He said Hamas has brought two things to the residents of Gaza: “blood and poverty.”

He asserted that no international pressure will change Israel’s faith in the justice of cause.He said, “In any case, I would like to make it clear: No international pressure, or reviling of IDF soldiers and our state will change our faith in the justice of our cause and in our right and our obligation to defend ourselves.”

He said Israel’s war against Hamas is advancing at “full force” with the goal of “victory.” He said that Israel will eliminate Hamas and bring back hostages. He said Israeli forces have killed thousands of terrorists, including senior commanders and arch-murderers who were involved in the attack on Israel on October 7.

Netanyahu stated that Hamas has lost control of the northern Gaza Strip. He noted that Israel’s forces are attacking Hamas “above ground and underground.” He said, “We will continue at full force, at full strength, until victory.” He called the return of hostages the “main goal” of war. He asserted that there will no ceasefire without the return of hostages.

“My directive and that of the Cabinet is clear: There will be no ceasefire without the return of our hostages. When we have something to say, something concrete, we will update the families and submit it to the full government. Until then, prudence would dictate silence,” Netanyahu said. (ANI)

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