Grating under Navrang flyover poses danger to motorists

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BENGALURU: Some iron gratings over a drain under the Navrang underpass which connects Yeshwantpur and Vijayanagar, pose a huge danger to motorists.

At least one of the gratings had come lose and motorists, who were unaware, would pass over it with metal clanging even as the grating shook dangerously. In some case, two-wheeler riders have also fallen down from their vehicle after losing control.

The grating is decayed and it is going down while heavy vehicle movement.

A few days ago, a woman road user shared a video about the dangerously wobbling grating while traveling late in the evening. In the video, she says she tried to put some barricade to warn other motorists, but did not find anything and hence made the video. She also urged the authorities concerned to take action immediately before any untoward incidents occur.

A woman who was using the Navarang underpass shared a video about the danger the dangling grating posed to motorists.

The gratings on the drain were damaged four to five months ago, but authorities concerned had not bothered to fix. Due to movement of heavy vehicles, it had suffered more damage and posed a threat to motorists, especially at night.

Autorickshaw driver Sunil requested the authorities concerned to fix the problem.

Autorickshaw driver Sunil said, “The grating on the drain is a danger for vehicle users. Recently, a man suffered head injuries after his bike skidded at that place. An autorickshaw had also overturned at the same place and the driver was severely injured. I too have lost balance many a times. They have fixed the problem during the Chief Minister’s visit, but it is sure to give way soon. The officials are only worried about major projects and no one bothers about repairs, patch works. Nobody takes responsibility for public safety”.

Govindraju, a scooterist, said he feels scared to use the the underpass

Another biker Govindaraju said, “I am the regular user of this road. Please any of people representatives solve the problem at the earliest possible. This became now very dangerous and posing threat to life. I feel very scary to use this road. At do something for this, from the past three months it is remained without repair”, he requested.

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