Govt releases Rs 30 cr to compensate for cattle death due to Lumpy disease

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BENGALURU: State Animal Husbandry Minister Prabhu B Chavan on Monday said that a grant of Rs 30 crore has been released to compensate the owners in the case of death of cattle due to skin disease.

He has issued a media release in this regard, he said, “A grant of Rs  30 crore has been released to compensate the dead cows to avoid financial loss to the owners and farmers of cattle that died due to skin nodule disease. He said that earlier a grant of Rs 2 crore was given.”

17,000 cattle have died in the state even though skin knot disease is being brought under control. Acknowledging the financial condition of the owners of the dead cattle, Minister Prabhu Chavan congratulated Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai for giving compensation of Rs 30 crore and expressed his gratitude and said that our government will always strive for the welfare of the people. He said, “The government is active in the health care of cattle.”

Remedies are being provided to prevent skin nodule disease from affecting the economic status of farmers and livestock owners as it directly impairs livestock productivity. Minister Prabhu Chavan explained that a maximum compensation of Rs 20,000 for each dairy heifer and Rs 30,000 for bulls and Rs 5,000 for each calf will be given as compensation to the farmers/cattle owners due to the death of cattle due to disease with effect from 1st August 2022.

He said that cattle skin knot disease is being brought under control in the state. More than 53 lakh cows have been vaccinated across the state and 40 lakh doses of the available vaccine are being given to cattle. Medicines and treatments are being given to control skin nodule disease. Prabhu Chavan appealed to the farmers not to get worried and to cooperate with the government.

As per an official statement, so far 2 lakh cows are suffering from skin nodule disease in the state, out of which 1.50 lakh cows have recovered. The rest of the heifers are being given appropriate treatment by the government. Prabhu Chavan has informed us that compensation money is being distributed directly to the owners of dead cattle in their bank accounts.

Ringworm is an infectious viral disease of cattle. In diseased animals, the initial stage is fever, then skin nodule appears and gradually skin nodules, scabs and scabs appear in cattle.

Diseased cattle suffer from fever with a pale nose, discharge from eyes, drooling, and lack of feed. It is common for heifers to die from pneumonia. The heifers’ barn should be kept clean.Prabhu Chavan appealed to the farmers to contact the nearest veterinary officers as soon as the disease appears, get vaccinated and protect the cattle.

The veterinary officers and animal husbandry officials have been instructed to respond immediately to the calls of the farmers who come with health problems of the cattle affected by skin nodule disease, give appropriate treatment and work hard to prevent the spread of the disease.

When people face health problems, they express their pain. Minister Prabhu Chavan has instructed the animal health officials that without neglecting how the silent animals express their pain, let us rush to treat the cattle and save the cow. (ANI)

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