Govt received more than 30,000 suggestions for Bengaluru’s development: DCM Shivakumar

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BENGALURU: Karnataka Deputy CM DK Shivakumar said on Saturday that he has received more than 30,000 suggestions for Bengaluru’s development under the Brand Bengaluru initiative.

Shivakumar said, “Today I received Bengaluru people’s advice. I have received more than 30,000 suggestions. The apartment association has requested that they want to be part of the Brand Bengaluru. In some days, I will meet high school and college students to receive their opinions on Brand Bengaluru.”

Deputy CM DK Shivakumar said, “I had a meeting with the captains of various industries and various stakeholders of Bengaluru, political leaders. I have spoken to heads of various welfare associations and I will also take suggestions from the younger generation. I have received more than 30 thousand suggestions. I am dividing and giving these suggestions to various institutions to compile them.”

On the issue of property tax Deputy CM Shivkumar said, “Bangalore was not built in one year it took several hundreds of years so we have to work in a systematic way. We have decided to handover the property documentation to the residents at their homes. Some of the residents don’t have idea about documentation so we have to help them with the documentation. We have still not decided on the increase in tax collection issue from the residents.”

The Karnataka government has launched an online portal called ‘Brand Bengaluru’ to gather public suggestions for the city’s development. The vision for Brand Bengaluru includes advanced urban planning, innovative transportation systems, and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure to enhance safety, convenience, and sustainability. The city aims to optimize commute times, reduce congestion, and improve mobility through efficient transportation and smart traffic management. Bengaluru also focuses on storm-water management and sustainable drainage to mitigate flooding risks. Child-friendly spaces, including parks and educational facilities, are prioritized for the holistic well-being of children. As an IT hub, Bengaluru fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancements to attract global talent and investment. Skill development and vocational training are promoted, along with a thriving startup ecosystem, encouraging inclusivity and positive societal impact. (ANI)

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