Governor Gehlot outlines principles of ‘Karnataka Model’ at Assembly joint session

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BENGALURU: Highlighting Karnataka’s economic prowess and commitment to reducing inequality, Governor Thaawarchand Gehlot outlined the principles of the ‘Karnataka Model’, which prioritises sustainable development and social harmony, at the joint session of the state legislature on Monday.

He lauded the successful implementation of five guarantee schemes, lauding their role in uplifting over 1.2 crore families to middle-class status. In his address, Governor Gehlot reaffirmed his government’s unwavering commitment to the welfare and advancement of marginalized communities, emphasizing the transformative impact of their policies on the lives of Karnataka’s populace.

Governor Gehlot further underscored his government’s achievements in just eight months, citing substantial investments and economic revitalisation spurred by the guarantee schemes. He emphasised the role of grassroots empowerment in driving Karnataka’s development agenda, citing the state’s exemplary performance in GST collection and attracting domestic and foreign investments.

Moreover, Governor Gehlot outlined key initiatives under schemes like MGNREGA and the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana, underscoring the government’s commitment to inclusive growth and infrastructure development. He reiterated the state’s reverence for cultural icons like Vishwa Guru Basavanna, advocating for their timeless teachings to guide Karnataka’s journey towards equality and progress.

Governor Gehlot, in conclusion, expressed confidence in Karnataka’s trajectory, pledging to build upon the foundation of inclusive governance and sustainable development laid by his administration. (ANI)

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