Government office compounds being used for election publicity

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BENGALURU: The Anekal Town Municipal Council with the tahsildar over defacement of wall of government agencies by probables who have pasted posters and wall arts in the constituency.

Ahead of the state Assembly elections, the aspirants are campaigning through wall art supporting their parties without obtaining any prior permission, which has led to a controversy. The locals and other officials have objected to the graffiti because as soon as the Election Commission announces the poll schedule, the election officers issue notices to the local administration to clear the writings on walls. The campaign slogans are already seen in Anekal town, including Sarjapur Road, Chandapur Road, Attibele Road.

Shivappa Lamani, Anekal Tahsildar

“I got information about the wall-art campaigns. I will issue notices to the respective parties . I have asked them to present a proposal as, according to rules, they should obtain prior permission. The parties have not taken permission from PDOs”, said Shivappa Lamani, Anekal Tahsildar.

Harish, a member of Byagadadenahalli Panchayath.

“All parties have painted campaign slogans on the government and public properties in Anekal constituency. They do these campaigns with their money, but during elections, after the code of conduct comes into force, the officers will send notices to us to clear them. The panchayath must spend its funds to clear the wall art campaigns. We have given a proposal to higher officials regarding this. The wall art campaign should be cleared by the respective parties. They have not received prior permission to conduct wall art campaigns”, said Harish, a member of Byagadadenahalli Panchayath.

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