Government cuts grants for buying schoolchildren’s shoes and socks by Rs 7 crore

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BENGALURU: Faced with the economic burden of implementing its guarantees, the Congress government has shaved off grants towards purchase of shoes and socks for schoolchildren. The state government has issued an order to reduce the purchase price of shoes and socks.

The government has cut Rs 7 crore from the total grants to be given. In the year 2022-23, the BJP government released Rs 132 crore for the purchase of one pair of shoes and two pairs of socks for every child from Class 1 to 10. About Rs 125 crore had been allocated for the year of 2023-24. Following this, a circular has been issued asking schools to purchase shoes and socks by cutting Rs 7 crore.

This year also the government has fixed the price of shoes which was fixed during the BJP term. Schools have been instructed to purchase shoes and socks at the previous year’s rate. The government has ordered the purchase of shoes for the year 2023-24 at the same price as in the year of 2019-20.

What is the price of a shoes for which class?

For schoolchildren from Class 1 to 5, the shoes cost Rs 265. For students from Class 6 to class 8, shoe come at a cost of Rs 295 each and for students between Class 9 and 10 , it costs Rs 325 per pair.

The government has instructed all government schools to provide quality shoes at low cost. The government has informed them that students should be given branded shoes at prices fixed by the government.

The government has also suggested steps on what can be done if funds are insufficient to buy shoes. Teachers and school management boards have been asked approach social organisations and donors. Following this, teachers and SDMC members have expressed concern over the government’s revised order.

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