Gold, electronic goods worth Rs 52 lakh seized at Trichy Airport

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TIRUCHIRAPPALLI: The customs department at Trichy airport in Tamil Nadu seized gold worth Rs 47,67,198 and electronic goods worth Rs 4,25,000 from a male passenger who arrived from Dubai on an Indigo Flight, officials said.

Total items including gold and electronic goods were valued at about Rs 51,92,198

Out of the seized 839 grams of gold items of 24 carats purity, 659 grams of 24k purity was recovered from 745 grams of paste-like material concealed in the rectum of the passenger. The rest was concealed in hand and checked-in luggage.

Earlier on January 29, officials of the customs department at Trichy international airport seized foreign currency of $10,000 concealed in the undergarments of a male passenger.

Earlier in December last year, the Customs Air Intelligence Unit (AIU) intercepted a man and seized two gold biscuits, valued at over Rs eight lakh, concealed inside a tin at Trichy Airport. The gold pieces weighed 147.5 grams and had a purity of 24 carats.

Earlier in November 2022, Trichy airport officials seized one piece of gold weighing around 145 grams from a female passenger at the Tiruchirappalli airport. The gold piece was worth Rs 7,74,590 and had a purity of 24 carats.

The officials extracted the yellow metal from 169 grams of paste-like materials concealed in the rectum of the female passenger.

“The female passenger arrived at Tiruchirappalli airport from Kuala Lumpur by Air Asia flight no-AK-23 on November 15,” a statement said. (ANI)

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