Girl pens Valentine’s day wishes to her bf after losing him in Earthquake

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TURKEY: There are many heart-wrenching stories about Turkey’s earthquake, one of which is about Esvam, who had planned dinner with her boyfriend this Valentine on February 14 but the tremors of the February 6 earthquake made Esvam’s boyfriend forever separated from her. Her boyfriend died in the earthquake on February 6.

28-year-old Esvam Ruken, a music teacher, is based in Arsuz in Iskenderun lost her boyfriend on February 6. With a heavy heart and tears in her eyes, she said, “For loving me, for spending your last days with me, for the value you give. For everything. Thank you. Bless me until the end. If I come back to the world, I would like to meet you again,” Esvam shared heartbreaking lines to ANI.

Her boyfriend Metem was a software engineer and they were together for a very long. “He was a very good-hearted person,” she said.

For this Valentine’s Day, they promised not to buy anything as a gift but our togetherness will be the greatest gift.

“We decided not to buy anything for us on Valentine’s Day. The greatest gift was each other’s presence. We would go to dinner, drink wine. I have neither my remains nor my Antakya. My heart hurts- it hurts so much,” crying Esvam told ANI.

She further added with full of tears in her eyes, “Happy Valentine’s Day metem, I’m so lucky I spent my best days with you. I love you, I love you very much. It’s good to know you… Please wait, we will meet one day. Together we will complete whatever is left unfinished.”

Iskenderun, Gaziantep and nearby areas of Turkey have witnessed after shock multiple times. The people are living in fear, including Esvam and her family.

“There had been an earthquake in Antakya before. His (Metem) mother was very scared at home. He always said I shouldn’t leave him alone,” Esvam said.

More than 36,000 people died in the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Search and rescue operations are currently underway in Turkey. (ANI)

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