Four armed men shoot at jeweller, employee in Kodigehalli

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The armed men fleeing on motorcycles.

BENGALURU: Four armed men who came on two motorcycles shot at a jeweller in broad daylight at Devi Nagar at Lottegollahalli in Kodigehalli on Thursday. While one was seriously injured in the shootout, another is recuperating in hospital.

The jewellery store where the shootout occurred.

Appuram, owner of Laxmi Bankers and Jewellers, and his employee and Andaram were at the store when the unidentified men opened fire. Appuram sustained serious injuries in the abdomen and is being treated in the ICU at MS Ramaiah Hospital while Andaram, who was shot in the leg, is out of danger and has been shifted to a ward.

A firearm dropped by the attackers in front of the shop.

The unidentified men, wearing helmets, arrived at the jewellery store at 10.55 am and picked a quarrel. When the store owner objected to it, one of the armed men opened fire from inside the store while another fired from outside. A machete was found near the cash counter and it is believed that the armed men first tried to threaten the jewellers with it. When they didn’t budge, they opened fire.

The injured victims.

Appuram has been running the business for the last 15 years and Andaram is his employee. Andaram, who was outside the shop, was first shot at. On hearing this, Appuram sounded the siren by hitting an emergency switch, but the attackers shot him too. The attackers then fled from the scene and dropped a firearm at the place.

CCTV grab of the attackers.

Director General and Inspector General of Police Alok Mohan and city police commissioner B Dayananda visited the scene of shooting. “The four men entered the shop around 11 am and it seems to be a robbery attempt. Two people sustained injuries in the firing and four rounds were discharged. We have registered a case and are investigating”, the police commissioner said.

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