Fish canteens planned at 100 locations across eight BBMP zones in Bengaluru

Chandan Arora
Chandan Arora
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BENGALURU: The Department of Fisheries, in association with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), has planned to open 100 fish canteens in the eight zones across the city.

The fish canteens will be set up in temporary containers at 100 locations in the city.

The department has planned to supply fresh fish to the city through Karnataka Fisheries Development Corporation (KFDC). The motive behind this is to provide good quality fish at low prices to consumers while creating employment opportunities for the youth. The department is still considering whether it should be done through a private-public partnership (PPP) model or through government grants.

The department has also planned to start similar canteens in other parts of the state. The fish canteens will be set up in temporary containers in 100 different locations and 11 locations have been identified so far. In the morning, the canteens will sell fish and other marine products while in the evenings, fish and sea food dishes will be made available to customers.

Ramacharya, director, Fisheries Department

“Our goal is to sell high quality fish at a fair price. We have planned to set up containers in 100 different locations in the city. We have so far identified 11 locations to set up temporary containers. The fish will be supplied to the city from the KFDC in refrigerator container sand it will be sold at a low price”, said Ramacharya, director of the Fisheries Department.

Harish, owner of the Fish Canteen

“The canteen has been set up after taking a licence from the Department of Fisheries. We have a wide selection of seafood and fish meals. I am very happy about the government setting up the containers in 100 different locations. We charge Rs 70 for one fish meal”, said Harish, owner of a fish canteen.

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