First wife gave vital clue which led to ‘Santro’ Ravi’s arrest from Ahmedabad

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MYSURU: The Mysuru police, who arrested K S Manjunath alias ‘Santro’ Ravi from Ahmedabad on Friday, brought him to the Vijayanagar police station here on Saturday and began questioning him. ‘Santro’ Ravi has cases of sexual assault and rape registered against him at the police station.

Early in the morning, he was taken for medical examination and is expected to be produced before a judge. A huge posse of 100 policemen had thrown a security ring around ‘Santro’ Ravi and the police station has been barricaded.

Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) Alok Kumar arriving at the Vijayanagara police station in Mysuru on Saturday, following ‘Santro’ Ravi’s arrest.

The police, who had fanned out to several states in search of K S Manjunath alias ‘Santro’ Ravi got a vital clue from his first wife after taking her into confidence by promising to help her secure the properties which are in her name.

Believing them, the first wife gave out the names of four of ‘Santro’ Ravi’s friends who are from outside Karnataka, and the police immediately got on their trail. While three of them were in their native places, Ramji, who hails from Gujarat, but was living in Kochi, had left the place four days earlier.

The Vijayanagara police station in Mysuru has been cordoned off.

The police then tracked his mobile phone and, after tracing him to Ahmedabad, informed the local police. A team of the Mysuru police, which was in Mumbai immediately headed for Ahmedabad and arrested ‘Santro’ Ravi who was with Ramji. The Mysuru police were acting only on a hunch that the two could be together.

‘Santro’ Ravi, who had taken off his wig an shaved is moustache, initially tried to mislead by speaking in Hindi and claiming that he didn’t understand Kannada, but when he saw that there was no way out, he later admitted his identity.

Mysuru police commissioner Ramesh Bhanot said they will produce ‘Santro’ Ravi before a judge within 24 hours.

Mysuru city Police Commissioner Ramesh Banoth said they are conducting preliminary inquiries. “The team reached Myuru early on Saturday. Excluding the travel time, the police have 24 hours to produce him before a judge”, he added.

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