Film producer Umapati hits out Darshan, says ‘man who is seen as God has the mind of a dog’

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: Umapathi Srinivas, the producer of the movie ‘Robert’, has reacted to actor Darshan’s arrest in the Renukaswamy murder case and said murder is an unforgivable crime. “Whoever it is, they should be punished accordingly”, he said.

Hitting out against Darshan, Umapathi said, “Tthese days, some fans sport tattoos on their chests, but this is not the time to show devotion. The actor is a man who is seen as a God, but has the mind of a dog”.

“I have heard that the murder accused did not let Renukaswamy to go although he begged for his life, but was tortured him with a Megger device. I don’t know whether they had planned to kill him”, Umapati asked.

“It has been 12 years since my father passed away. My father led us down a path, but we faced difficulties. Just think how painful it would be for an unborn child to know that its father died in this manner. Renukaswamy’s wife is unable to talk about this incident. They are innocent people. If Renukaswamy had known this would happen with him, would he have done what he did?” he added.

Taking a dig at Darshan for his behaviour, Umapati said, “Darshan is a bad man after 6 pm. Our habits should not go beyond a line, if that happens, it is definitely always a risk to their lives. Darshan is a good person as long as I am his friend. He is a bad man after 6 pm, and a good man before 6 pm. Addictions spoil people, but should not end our lives. Too much of anything can be harmful”.

“My mother and wife scolded me that I should not talk like I did when I had argued with Darshan.  That’s how we are as a family. No matter how much a person grows up, he has to be kind and polite to others”.

“As far as I have seen, Darshan is a good man, he did not do wrong to me. But his behaviour changed after the Mysuru case and his friends circle also changed. I still say that he might have given that ‘Katera’ title. But it was registered under my banner and I was the one who paid for it. I didn’t make money from the movie. If I do business using the capital of movies, I will earn double. If I say that I got so much respect, recognition and status today, it is because of cinema”, he concluded.

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