Festive atmosphere as parents, children share food on school campus

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Parents had prepared a huge variety of dishes for the children.

CHIKKABALLAPUR: It was a festive atmosphere at the BGS English School at Agalagurki on the outskirts of Chikkaballapur on Tuesday where a ‘Mathrubhojana’ event was organised on the school premises.

The BGS English School on the outskirts of Chikkaballapur; (right) Children having lunch together.

About 1,500 women had prepared a variety of food items which was shared among the schoolchildren. The mothers not only fed their children, but other kids too.

The Adichunchanagiri Mutt seer and the Health Minister served the tiny tots.

Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar and Adichunchanagiri Mahasamsthana Mutt pontiff Dr Nirmalanandanatha Swami served various dishes to the children. The pontiff had lunch along with the parents and school staff.

The pontiff too had lunch with the parents, children and school staff.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, “There is barriers of caste or religion among children and food was shared amongst all. Such a feeling should be inculcated at a tender age and children will grow with the feeling that all are one. Poet laureate Kuvempu had said all are born as ‘Vishwamanava’ (universal man), but become ‘alpamanava’ when they grow up. Children should gain knowledge and become Vishwamanavas.”

Mothers feeding children during the Mathrubhojana programme.

Further, he said, “Consciousness in the name of education should evolve regularly. As age advances, our limited consciousness should go on expanding. Unfortunately, we have been giving such education wherein we are becoming narrow-minded people. If this is what is education, then it should not be called education. Today, mothers have spread their love and affection”.

Deevika, a student, and (right) Ragini, a parent.

Deevika, a student of the school, said, “It felt nice that our parents too were with us at school. They fed us food and we fed our parents too. We have this Mathrubhojana programme every year”.

Ragini, the mother of Class 5 student, said, “We serve food to all children and partake in it with them. It’s like a potluck where parents prepare food for more number of children. The children love it because they get to eat a variety of food”.

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