Farmers on the banks of Krishna river distressed due to massive crop damage

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Public TV English
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Krishna river water has inundated farm lands.

BELAGAVI: Despite the reduction in intensity of rainfall in the Western Ghat region of Maharashtra, the water level in the Krishna river has increased by 10,000 cusecs due to release of water from the Koyna reservoir. The inflow in the Krishna river, which was 89,000 cusecs on Wednesday, has increased to 99,000 cusecs on Thursday.

The water level in the Krishna river has increased due to release of water from Koyna dam.

The farmers on the banks of the river are distressed due to the crop damage caused by the river overflowing its banks for the third time in the last two months and have demanded that a survey be conducted as soon as possible to compensate for the crop damage.

“A huge amount of water is flowing into the Krishna river. The water has entered the fields along the banks of the river. A large number of crops, including sugarcane, soybeans and corn have been destroyed. I request the government to conduct a survey as soon as possible and compensate for the crop damage,” said a farmer.

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