Farmers and workers build nation as they create wealth: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

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DHARWAD: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said on Saturday that farmers and workers build the nation as they create wealth in the country.

He was speaking in a programme organized by the Labour Department at the Karnataka College ground in Dharwad.

He distributed three-wheelers to 525 specially-abled persons of the district, distributed free laptops to the children of construction workers and launched the registration process for gig workers.

The hardworking workers create the wealth of the country. 90 per cent of the country’s wealth, which is created by poor labourers, is in the hands of a few. This is wrong. Our government is framing the programmes with the view of equally distributing this wealth among all the people, he said.

Our government is providing assistance of 50 to 60 thousand rupees to one crore thirty lakh families every year, the CM explained, along with statistics, that these programmes are benefiting 4 crore farmers, laborers and poor people in the country.

The CM appreciated Labour Minister Santosh Lad and said he has a kind heart to help the poor and those in difficulty. Hence, he was made the Minister of the Labour Department. He has distributed 525 three-wheelers to differently abled people through the CSR fund and labour department.

Basavadi Sharans called these acts of kindness Kayaka and Dasoha. Equal sharing of produce is Kayaka and Dasoha. This will eliminate economic and social inequality. Ambedkar also fought to eliminate economic and social inequality, the CM explained.

The objective of the state government is to provide social justice to everybody and benefits to the working class, the CM said. (ANI)

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