Family threatened, attacked by group of men in road rage incident in Bandipur

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The SUV in which the group of men involved in the road rage incident were travelling.

BENGALURU: In a case of alleged road rage, a family travelling in a car was stopped in the middle of the road in Bandipur by a group of men who were travelling in an SUV, threatened and attacked over a trivial reason.

A Twitter user posted a dashcam video of the incident and said in a series of tweets, “The person who sent me this video says he and his family was attacked by a group of people by stopping car at Bandipura. Throughout the journey, they were not allowed to go pass their vehicle” and tagged @alokkumar6994 and @KarnatakaCops.

Further, the Twitter user, going by the handle @3rdEyeDude, said, “He says when he saw the gap he overtook them but they followed him and made them stop in the middle of the road. They got down the car and started abusing them. His wife tried to push their hands out but got wounded”.

“When they saw everything was getting recorded on dashcam they tried to damage the dashcam. He wanted to file complaint but it was close to TN border and the police didn’t help him much. Please investigate this case completely. I had asked the dashcam owner for what triggered them to stop them but video was not available. He is ready to file FIR too and share his contact details. Request immediate assistance.”

The tweet evoked numerous responses with netizens calling for a detailed inquiry into the incident and demanding action action the attackers. The Chamarajanagar police responded on Twitter saying, “A FIR has been registerd in Gundlupet PS and further investigation would continue”.

Additional Director General of Police (Traffic and Road Safety) Alok Kumar tweeted, “This incident involving Thar vehicle took place on 17.06.23. Till date no one has approached Gundlupet Police, Chamarajanagar District. Thar Vehicle has been traced to Bangalore. Victim can contact Gundlupet CPI for speedy n strict action. Have spoken to CPI”, while sharing the contact number.

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