Faltering at the start? ‘Namma Clinics’ face shortage of doctors and nurses

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BENGALURU: The much-touted ‘Namma Clinics’ have been opened for the benefit of citizens in some parts of the city, but they already seem to be on the verge of closing due to shortage of doctors and nurses.

Earlier,  Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar had announced that a total of 438 Namma Clinics will be set up across the state, including 243 of them in BBMP limits by December 15. The aim of the project is to serve the health care needs of the urban poor, especially those below the poverty line and those living in slums.

Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar had announced that ‘Namma Clinic’ will be operating in the BBMP limits by December 15.

Under this project, free checkups and medicines are provided, along with 12 types of health services and 14 types of tests. It is also intended to use e-Sanjeevani and tele-counselling facilities to provide treatment. However, with no doctors and nurses available, the clinics are on the verge of closing down.

Namma Clinics lack doctors and nurses to treat patients

A reality check by Public TV revealed the state of affairs of the well-intended project. A conversation with a doctor at a clinic revealed that it did not have any nurses and one person had to manage everything. Doctors are reluctant to join due to low salaries, and MBBS graduates are not ready to work in PHC and Namma Clinics despite being paid.

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