‘Fake videos being sold in ‘Mohabbat ki dukaan’: PM Modi attacks Opposition

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DHARASHIV (Maharashtra): Launching a sharp attack on the Opposition for ‘spreading fake videos’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that due to the fear of losing elections, the Congress party is adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create fake videos and it is being sold in their ‘Mohabbat ki dukaan’.

“They will keep abusing Modi. Making false allegations, these days they are abusing Modi all day. Sometimes they say Modi will snatch away reservations, and end the Constitution. Why are they constantly lying? BJP has the maximum number of MLCs, MLAs, and MPs coming from SC, ST and OBC. Now they are creating fake videos. Using Artificial Intelligence fake videos are being sold in their ‘Mohabbat ki dukaan’.They are making fake videos using Modi’s speeches and voice. Congress is so scared of losing”, Prime Minister Modi said at an election rally in Dharashiv.

The Prime Minister further said that he is putting efforts to change the lives of the people in the country. “Modi works day and night to change your lives. Whereas, the INDI alliance is putting all efforts to change Modi. I want to change your lives but they want to change me”, he said.

He further mentioned that Congress has only one identity “betrayal” and it has betrayed the ‘land of Marathwada’ on several occasions. “Can a weak government make a strong nation?.. Can a Congress govt take India to newer heights? Congress has only one identity — betrayal. It has betrayed Maharashtra. Congress was in power for 60 years. It could not provide water to the fields of farmers in the state”, he said.

Earlier today, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge said that it is the BJP that has expertise in making fake videos and said that Prime Minister Modi should avoid talking like this at least in elections.

“They (BJP) have the expertise to make videos and defame people through social media. Whatever work they do to ruin the image of people, we will never do it. We only want the country should remain one, and everyone should work together. There should be no hate speech. PM Modi always gives hate speech. PM Modi should not talk like this at least in elections. But they are doing it. That’s why I appeal, at least have a little patience, don’t talk like this with frustration”, he said.

The development comes as Assam Police on Monday arrested Reetom Singh. This was the first arrest in connection with the doctored video of Union Home Minister Amit Shah circulating on social media and allegedly being shared by Congress leaders.

The video, which has sparked controversy and allegations of misinformation, has prompted the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to file a complaint seeking action against those responsible for it. (ANI)

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