Expect pro-people budget, says CM

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MYSURU: Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai assured the people of Karnataka that the state budget this year will be pro-people and in the interest of all its citizens.

Talking to the media on Friday, Bommai said, “Like last year, the state budget for the year 2023-24 will be pro-people and the entire Karnataka can expect something from the budget.” The State Budget for 2023-24 will be tabled in February and already two rounds of discussions have been held with the Finance Department in this regard.

Earlier on January 14, Bommai announced that he will present a budget that would focus on farmers and the poor. “We will launch a scheme for women and girls. This will help them tackle their day-to-day problems and will help them to lead their lives. The scheme will be titled Stree Samarthya Yojana (Women Empowerment Scheme)”, he added.

The Karnataka Chief Minister also addressed the issue of intrusion from wild animals into human habitations on the fringes of the forests. He stated that a task force has been constituted to deal with the alarming issue of elephants that are causing ruckus and said the task force will be working round the clock to ensure the safety of people.

He further reassured that a team has been put together to deal with a similar issue pertaining to leopards that have put people in jeopardy. The CM confirmed that the state government has provided the forest officials with all the necessary resources to deal with the problem.

Bommai informed that the task force will be patrolling the areas adjoining the forest and will be in constant touch with the villagers, making them aware with how to deal with the wild animals in order to boost their morale and confidence.

“It will be helpful for villagers if they are taught how to deal with the wild animals, watch their movements and group behaviour. The government will take all steps to keep the leopard menace under check,” he said. “These steps will ensure that the elephant and leopard menaces are kept under check,” he added. (ANI)

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