‘Even dirt of PM Modi’s toe nail is not equal to Udhayanidhi’: Annamalai

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CHENNAI: Hitting out at Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin for his derogatory remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, state Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president K Annamalai said that the former is not even equal to the dirt of the Prime Minister’s toe-nail.

“Who is Udhayanidhi Stalin? He is a failed actor. He is standing in politics with his grandfather’s and father’s name…Even the dirt of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s toe-nail is not equal to him,” Annamalai lashed out at Udhayanidhi who is also the son of Chief Minister MK Stalin.

“He hasn’t done any social service. Did he went and helped any poor except producing movies. What has he done in life? Has he got any social standing and education. Has he got any standing of his own?” he added.

Earlier in the Thoothukudi meeting, PM Modi said that the time has come to drive DMK away.

Reacting to this today in an event, Sports Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin said, “PM says they (BJP) will destroy the DMK. Those who have been saying this for the last 60-70 years have only vanished. Dear PM, not just you, even your grandfather cannot do anything to DMK. You cannot even touch the DMK”.

On speculations about his debut candidacy in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, Annamalai said, “My duty is to obey and implement whatever our senior national leadership decides. I dont have any prejudices, likes and dislikes in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).”

The former IPS officer who has grown to be one of the most vocal footsoldier of the BJP in Tamil Nadu, argued that it is upto the party to decide whom to field in the state and even gave the idea that even a booth president may be fielded in the Lok Sabha polls.

“Why should I field a Union Minister to show that the party has grown? Why can’t we field our booth president, our district president? Our booth president is strong enough to face any of the parties in Tamil Nadu. It is for the party to decide whom they want to field,” Annamalai said.

Citing the example of Union Home Minister Amit Shah, he added, “Many of our tallest leaders, including our Home Minister has started his life as a booth president. We can field anyone in Tamil Nadu to show that BJP can win and BJP has grown in Tamil Nadu.”

On the BJP Tamil Nadu social media, taking a jibe at the Chief Minister by wishing him on his birthday in Mandarin after the “Chinese rocket” controversy, Annamalai said that he does not find it “offensive”.

“Since you have said that China is not our enemy country, what is wrong in wishing our Honourable CM in Chinese? What is offensive about it?” he argued.

Controversy erupted on February 28 after a newspaper advertisement of the DMK government allegedly showcased a ‘China flag’ among rockets from other countries in the background. (ANI)

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