Escoms reduce FAC in December power bills

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Public TV English
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BENGALURU: The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd (Bescom) Mangalore Electricity Supply Company Ltd (Mescom) seem to be giving a new year surprise to their consumers. The Energy Department has proposed to adjust some money due to their consumers at the beginning of the new year.

Nagaraj, general manager of Bescom, said, “There were lesser charges on Fuel and Power Purchase Cost adjustment (FPPCA) in December. Electricity supply companies in Karnataka, which have always given a shock by increasing the electricity tariff, have now reduced the FAC charge for the month of December”.

In addition, Bescom has reduced power tariff by 37 paise per unit, Mescom by 31 paise per unit, Gescom has been reduced it by 51 paisa, CESC by 39 paise and Hescom by 3 paise per unit. The consumers will benefit directly, he said.

There are some reasons for the Escoms reducing the FAC in power bills for December. As per rules, power generated by private companies should be sold to the state alone. But the average generation of power was less in the month of October and power utilities had resorted to swapping between states like Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. Hence, the price is slightly lower due to power purchase from outside states, Nagaraj explained.

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