Erik Ten Hag sums up Manchester United’s game against Sevilla in UEL : A disappointing performance

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SEVILLA: Manchester United’s season suffered another major blow as they bowed out of the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals after suffering a 3-0 defeat against Sevilla on Friday [5-2 on aggregate].

The Red Devils were one of the favourites to lift the UEL trophy, but their lack of intensity, composure, and incorrect decisions orchestrated their downfall.

Manchester United manager Erik Ten Hag summed up the entire performance of his team as ‘disappointing’.

“A disappointing performance. It was not good enough. We have to do better. No composure on the ball and we made the wrong decisions to quickly concede the goal and we never came into the game. We changed [things] but, straight after half-time, [we conceded] another goal which was avoidable. It can’t happen at our level,” Erik Ten Hag said after the match as quoted by Manchester United.

“I think they [the players] showed in the past they can [perform], but tonight we weren’t good enough. It was obvious, it was clear. We didn’t match the standards that you can expect from a team like Manchester United. We have to be better. Everyone can expect higher standards from Manchester United.”

The visitors conceded goals that could have been avoided if they were a bit more careful about the passes they played out from the back. Two out of three goals came from a misplaced or an overhit pass, as they tried to build their attack from the back.

“I don’t think it’s anything with that, I think take away anywhere where we play if we give away the goals we do today, I think we’ll lose. So that’s nothing to do with the atmosphere. I just think our own game wasn’t strong enough. [Did the crowd and Sevilla surprise you?] No, absolutely not. We were prepared for their intensity. We didn’t take the right decisions on the pitch,” Ten Hag concluded.

Manchester United will be keen to make a strong comeback on Sunday in the semi-final of the FA Cup against Brighton at Wembley Stadium.

On the other hand, Sevilla has booked their place in the UEL semi-finals and they will face Italian Giants Juventus. (ANI)

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