Employment generation has increased after advent of computers, says D K Mohan at ‘Vidhyapeeta’

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BENGALURU: “When computers entered the workplace, people were worried that they would take over jobs and that unemployment would increase. But the reality is, employment generation has increased since after the advent of computers”, said D K Mohan, chairman of Cambridge Group of Institutions.

He was addressing the inaugural function of the sixth edition of the two-day ‘Vidhyapeeta’, Karnataka’s biggest education expo organised by Public TV on the theme ‘Today’s Learning, Tomorrow’s Light’ in collaboration with Ad6. The expo is being held at Gayatri Vihar, Palace Grounds, Bengaluru.

“It is not possible for any student to visit 105 institutions personally to know about new available courses. But, here, a platform has been created to know about the different courses available, all under one roof. Students should make use of this opportunity and choose courses of their choice”, Mohan, who was the chief guest at the event, added.

“Nowadays, students tastes’ are different. Parents should also look at their children’s interests, strengths and thinking and put them in the best courses they like. Only then students will able to complete their education happily”, he added.

“There were no such opportunities when we were studying, and not much choices for us. Now, there are all kinds of opportunities to exhibit your talent. There are no superior or inferior courses, all courses are equal. In the early days, most people were concerned about computers and predicted that the machines would take over their jobs. But nothing like that happened as such”, said D K Mohan.

Further, he said, “Instead, opportunities have increased. Technology is growing all over the world and opportunities are also being created. You need to develop skills first to get selected for your desired profession. Only then will one be able to achieve success”.

P Shyamaraju, Chancellor of REVA University, said that education, medicine and agriculture are very important for the growth of any country. There are some problems with the National Education Policy and if those are rectified, it will be accepted at the global level”, he said.

Appreciating the programme, Shyamaraju said, “About 105 educational institutions have participated under one roof. People will not find such a huge platform anywhere else, which is possible only due to the efforts of H R Ranganath (Public TV Managing Director)” He also urged the students to make full use of the opportunity.

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