Elvis Presley Birth Anniversary: revisiting some memorable tunes

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LOS ANGELES: It is the birth anniversary of superstar Elvis Presley, who is not just a legend in the field of music but a prominent figure of 20th-century’s culture itself.

Known both for his iconic songs which are still considered as classic hits and his high-octane performances on-stage, the singer-actor was given the honorific title of the ‘King of Rock and Roll’ for his many achievements over a short but influential span of his career.

On this special occasion for the best-selling solo artist of all time, let’s take a trip down the streets of his timeless music released decades ago, which is still listened to and enjoyed by millions of his fans worldwide.

Here are a few of the many tunes which make Elvis an evergreen artist.


This funky and upbeat number from Elvis’ 1957 film having the same name was an instant success on the musical charts worldwide at the time.

The song’s jovial and suggestive lyrics were contrasted by the intense and raspy vocals of the three-time Grammy Award-winning singer, making for an interestingly rocking number that fans love to this day.


This solemn and heart-stirring ballad was performed by Elvis in tribute to legendary Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. in 1968 at a Television special.

His rich and moving vocal performance was appreciated by many and is considered one of his best works to date.


This romantic mid-tempo number has some of the most romantic lyrics in the musical repertoire of Elvis.

Released in 1961 as part of his album ‘Blue Hawaii’, the song is an evergreen Valentine’s Day classic and has been sung by several prominent artists, including Celine Dion and Britney Spears.


Originally recorded in 1968 by songwriter Mark James, the song became an overnight success once Elvis released his version in 1969.

The lyrics highlight issues faced by a couple in a relationship, stressing the need to overcome them.

The song was released just two years into Elvis’ marriage with Priscilla Presley, leading to fans’ belief that the Guinness Record-holding artist had poured some of his personal emotions while singing the song.


This catchy number is iconically associated with Elvis not just because of its infectious energetic vibe but also because the singer himself owned a pair of blue suede shoes, which became famous after this song came out in 1956.

The number was originally a #1 hit by Carl Perkins, a friend of Elvis, but today, it is remembered as an evergreen song of the rock and roll legend. (ANI)

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