Elephant, calf stop truck, munch on sugarcane

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An elephant and its calf treat themselves to sugarcane being transported in a truck.

CHAMARAJANAGAR: An elephant and its calf blocked a truck laden with sugarcane and started feeding on it even as other vehicles lined up behind, near Asanur on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border.

People taking selifes, unmindful of danger.

Unmindful of any danger, occupants of other vehicles got off to click selfies even as the elephant and its calf pulled out sugarcane stalks from the truck and gorged on it. After having their fill, the elephant and its calf walked into the forest.

There have been several cases of drivers blowing horns of vehicles and irritating wild life. There have also been instances where elephants have damaged vehicles along forest routes.

Meanwhile, the Forest Department has taken up radio-collaring of elephants in the Male Mahadeshwara reserve forest. As part of the effort, one elephant was radio-collared near Ponnachi and another near PG Palya.

With the help of radio collars, the forest officials can track the movement of the elephants and can drive them back to the forest if the venture out.

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