Electrical wires hang dangerously from poles, Bescom turns a blind eye to danger

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BENGALURU: In a city where pedestrian space is mostly occupied by shops and vehicles, another danger awaits them. Electrical cables hang dangersouly from electricity police across the city and at some places, they have even fallen to the ground.

There have been numerous accidents in the city. Despite the danger, officials of the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (Bescom) seem unconcerned, endangering the lives of people, especially senior citizens and children.

Unsafe electrical boxes and strewn wires hanging from the pole.

The J C Road footpath is strewn with transformer cables. Pedestrians have to risk their lives, especially during the rain as the exposed cables can cause electrical earthing and shocks.

“Bescom officials are negligent. No one bothers to check these wires. If there is an accident, rather than offering consolation and compensation in the event of a death, officials should be told to prevent such instances, “says Skanda, a resident of the area.

Short circuits occur each time it rains and to top it all, no protective mesh has been installed around the transformers.

Similar is the situation on the footpaths along TV Tower Road where people have to tread cautiously.

Transformer mesh has not been installed on TV Tower road.

“A complaint has been registered regarding these hanging cables. but Bescom is unresponsive. Senior citizens and children walk on these footpaths, and it is dangerous. There are three transformers along the road and because of Bescom’s negligence, common people suffer,”says Hemanth.

Electrical wires are not installed safely on Lalbagh Road too. Vehicles move dangerously close to the fallen wires. Also, schoolchildren walk next to the electrical poles, which can be dangerous.

Vehicles move close to the cables hanging dangerously.

On K R Market Road too, electrical wires from junction boxes have fallen to the ground, posing a threat to pedestrians.

Electrical boxes and cables on a he pole on the K.R. Market road are dangerously exposed.

In a majority of the city’s neighbourhoods, cables drawn by private companies are left on the sidewalk along with power cables.

Akhila, a young woman, recently lost her life after coming in contact with an electric wire. The Bescom authorities have not woken up despite the number of deaths due to electrical accidents in the city.

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