Election officials check chopper in which D K Shivakumar’s family arrived in Dharmastala

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The chopper pilot arguing with police officials at the Dharmastala helipad on Saturday.

MANGALURU: A minor fracas ensued between the pilot of a helicopter carrying the family members of Congress state president D K Shivakumar, and election officials, after it touched down at the Dharmastala helipad on Saturday.

The helicopter pilot later allowed the election officials to check the aircraft.

When the election officials sought to check the helicopter, the pilot Ram Das initially objected to it saying it was private flight, not related to electioneering, and that all papers had been duly submitted. However, he later relented and allowed the officials to check the chopper. The officials also checked the car in which the family members travelled from the helipad to the temple.

The car in which Shivakumar’s family members travelled was also checked.

Shivakumar’s wife Usha wife, son, daughter and son-in-law arrived in Dharmastala by the helicopter. Shivakumar himself arrived by another helicopter later. The family then visited the Manjunatheshwara temple.

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