Elderly man molests woman at Lulu Mall, video goes viral on social media

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BENGALURU: A disturbing video of an elderly man molesting a woman at Lulu Mall in the city is doing the rounds on social media, prompting a police investigation.

The person who videographed the elderly man sexually harassing a woman posted the video on social media and tagged the Bengaluru police. The incident is said to have occurred at 6 pm on Sunday in the games zone of the mall. The police are conducting investigations on the basis of the video.

The video shows the accused man intentionally touching a woman’s posterior while she is busy watching over children playing and then he moves away from there when the woman turned around. Shockingly, the victim did not react against the misconduct. The video was originally posted on an Instagram account, gaining a lot of views.

Following the video, the Magadi Road police are checking the CCTV footage and have contacted the Lulu Mall management. The police have decided to check the CCTV footage to ascertain the date of the incident.

Yashwant, the person who shot the video of the inappropriate behaviour by the man, told Public TV, “I went to Lulu Mall for shopping with my children. My sister suspected that the man was behaving inappropriately with women and brought it to my attention. When I started closely watch his behaviour for ten minutes, I noticed that he was misbehaving and kept molesting women. That’s why I made a video and complained about it to the management of Lulu Mall. Security personnel searched all over Lulu Mall for the man, but could not find him. Then, they said that they will check the CCTV footage and take action. Later, I posted the video on social media as a warning for people going to malls to be careful. The police contacted me and sought information about the incident”.

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