Egg prices now at Rs 7 a piece; traders blame low production, high input cost

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BENGALURU: The retail price of the eggs has increased in the city due to increased demand and also due to a rise in the price of chicken feed. The price of eggs, which was Rs 5-5.5 each, has now risen to Rs 6 in wholesale the wholesale market and Rs 7 in retail stores dealing a shock to consumers.

The increase in the cost of chicken feed has majorly contributed lead to the price hike of eggs. In January 2021, the price of 100 eggs was Rs 437.06. In January 2022, it increased marginally to Rs 437.58, but this year it has risen to Rs 575 in the wholesale market.

People are now worried that the prices of dishes made from eggs may also increase as the price rise affects consumers both directly and indirectly.

Murali, a wholesale dealer.

“The price of 100 eggs was Rs 475, but due to the winter season, it has gone up to Rs 575. Only recently, it dropped by around Rs 25. At retail shops, eggs are being sold at Rs 7 each. When sold by dozens, we give it at Rs 6 per egg. In the winter season, the production of eggs is less, but the demand is more and hence, the price rises”, explained Murali, a wholesale dealer in eggs.

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