Drunk youth drives car on rim for 10 km after tyre bursts in Banaswadi

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BENGALURU: A drunk youth, who was recklessly driving his car, continued to drive for about 10 km even after one of the tyres had burst resulting in sparks flying from the rim which was in contact with the road surface. The car came to a halt after the wheel joint broke. The incident occurred around 4 am on Saturday.

The youth was driving recklessly from Indiranagar towards Banaswadi when a night patrol team spotted him and started giving him a chase. However, they could not catch up with him as he was driving at high speed. Finally, the car came to a halt near Muniyappa Circle in Banaswadi. The Banaswadi police then caught the youth and seized the vehicle.

The youth was taken in a Hoysala patrol vehicle and let off after about half an hour without any case being registered. He was sent off in another luxury car which had come to pick him up, it is said.

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