Drunk car driver creates ruckus, blocks bus, thrashed by passengers

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Public TV English
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The drunk car driver had blocked the KSRTC bus.

HASSAN: A drunk driver who was driving his car recklessly on the road and blocked a KSRTC bus was thrashed by the passengers and crew when he entered the bus and tried to create a ruckus, near Byrapura in Alur taluk on Thursday night.

The car driver was thrashed by the bus crew and passengers.

The car driver was allegedly driving in a reckless manner and heading towards Hassan while the bus was heading towards Mangaluru from Bengaluru. After he blocked the bus, the passengers, the bus driver and conductor thrashed the car driver and threatened to take him to the police station, but later let him off.

As a result of the incident, traffic was affected on the road for some time. The identity of the car driver was not known.

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