‘Don’t want to protect him; if wrong, he has to face it’: Kumaraswamy on JD(S) MP Prajwal Revanna

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SHIVAMOGGA: Amid the controversy over the obscene video case linked to Janata Dal (Secular) sitting MP and candidate Prajwal Revanna, his uncle and party leader H D Kumaraswamy on Monday said that he is not bothered about Prajwal Revanna and added that if he has committed some mistakes, he will face the punishment as per the law.

Kumaraswamy said that circulating the pen drives in the case is also a severe offence because it attacks the character of some women.

“The government has already announced the formation of SIT. Now, it is the responsibility of the government and the SIT. I am not bothered about Prajwal Revanna, if he has made any mistake, then according to the law, he has to face it. If he has done anything illegally, then he has to face it. That is my demand. I don’t want to protect him as our family member”, he said.

“Regarding the circulation of these pen drives, who has done it? That is also a severe offence. It is the responsibility of SIT to find out who is responsible for circulating these pen drives and for assassinating the character of some innocent women. They have circulated those pen drives to finish our alliance and reduce our winning chances. It is not going to affect the election of candidates”, he added.

Further, he added that just before the polls, the opposition leaders, including one BJP leader, colluded and circulated the pen drives because they knew they couldn’t succeed and win the Hassan seat.

“Three days before going to the polls, some sections of our opposition groups, particularly some Congress leaders, including one BJP leader, colluded. On the Hassan seat, after the unsuccessful campaign and internal backstabbing, they knew that there was no success for them. So before going to the polls, they decided to circulate some pen drives about Prajwal Revanna, whether they are fake or genuine, I do not know. They tried to malign him, Deve Gowda and our family. They wanted to destroy our image. For that reason, they misused the power of the government. One of the ministers, particularly that senior minister, is behind this with some BJP leaders in Hassan. Let us see and wait for the results from the SIT”, Kumaraswamy said.

Whether it will have any impact on the election, the JD(S) leader said that it will not. Responding to Congress leader Priyank Kharge’s remarks that the BJP has helped Prajwal Revanna flee the country, Kumaraswamy asked, “What is the role of the BJP in this? Has the BJP done anything to protect him? I, myself, even don’t know about it. He is a grown boy and he went without giving any information. If this government fails to bring him back, then we will take the responsibility. Why are they blaming the BJP and PM Modi? We will not run away and we are ready to face everything. We request the concerned authorities take the necessary actions if he is wrong”, he said. (ANI)

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