‘DMK files’: Udayanithi Stalin issues notice to TN BJP chief

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CHENNAI: Advocate and DMK MP Wilson on Wednesday issued a legal notice to BJP state president K Annamalai on behalf of his client — Minister of Youth Welfare and CM MK Stalin’s son, Udhyanithi Stalin — in connection witn the “DMK Files”.

Coming out with the “DMK Files”, as he called it, Annamalai alleged scams involving DMK leaders and its ministers.

The notice stated that the allegations made by Annamalai in his press conference are baseless, lack material and cogent evidence, unverified, and tantamount to reckless disregard for the truth. “These statements have been made only with the intention to defame our client (Udayanithi Stalin) and tarnish his reputation in the eyes of the public,” read the notice.

The notice further stated, “Our client states that after the offending press conference was aired on April 14, his friends, colleagues, party workers and members of the public had called him continuously asking about the allegations made in your offending press conference that has caused great mental agony to him and has tarnished his reputation and thus has caused damage.”

The notice demanded that Annamalai tender a public apology for his speech/allegations made in the press conference and remove the offending video from the press and his social media handles.

The notice further stated that Annamalai pay damages to the tune of Rs 50,00,00,000 (Rupees fifty crores) to Udayanithi, which he intends to pay over to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s relief fund

“Within 48 hours of receipt of this notice, failing which our client will be constrained to initiate appropriate civil and criminal proceedings against you and your properties, holding you personally liable for all costs and consequences arising therefrom,” reads the statement.

Meanwhile, DMK MP Kalanidhi Veeraswamy on Wednesday wrote to Finance Minister Nirmala Seetharaman, seeking an investigation into the nature of the transaction, which was claimed by BJP state president Annamalai to meet his monthly expenses.

In the letter, MP Veerswamy stated, “It may be recalled that former BJP president Bangaru Laxman was convicted for allegedly taking a bribe. The case dates back to 2001 when Tehelka.com carried out “Operation Westend”, a sting that exposed the scandal. It alleged that Laxman was caught on camera receiving money from an undercover journalist, posing as an arms dealer. Tehelka released the sting CDs allegedly showing Laxman accepting money for awarding a contract to a fictitious Britian-based company West End International, for the supply of hand-held thermal imagers to the Indian Army. He later resigned as the BJP chief. The only difference is Laxman was an MP and Annamalai is not. However, being the State President of a ruling political party with 4 members of the Legislative Assembly and connections with several MPs raises serious concerns over his statement.”

MP Veerswamy further requested the Union Finance Minister’s intervention in the matter and an inquiry into the same. “In terms of the violation of the Income Tax Act, 1961, any transaction above 20,000 also needs to be investigated”, he said.

Earlier on Sunday, DMK issued a legal notice to Tamil Nadu BJP president K Annamalai alleging defamation after he released his video clip ‘DMK Files’ on Friday that accused DMK top ministers and CM MK Stalin’s family members of having unaccounted assets.

The notice issued on behalf of DMK stated further, “In a video clipping titled “DMK Files”, which runs about 15 minutes several false, baseless, defamatory, imaginary and scandalous allegations were made against the DMK party, its President M.K. Stalin and the party’s Ministers, MP’s and other leaders.

These allegations have the effect of defaming the party and its President and therefore our client, in his capacity as the Organisation Secretary is constrained to issue the present legal notice to you in respect of the defamatory allegations made against DMK Party and its President alone.”

The notice added that the entire series of allegations made by the state BJP chief against DMK President MK Stalin is based on misinformation, deceitful, baseless and with the intention of tarnishing his reputation and defaming him.

The notice further stated that Annamalai should pay damages to the tune of Rs 500,00,00,000 (Rupees Five Hundred Crores) to the party which the party will in turn pay over to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s relief fund. (ANI)

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