DG&IGP Praveen Sood, set to take over as CBI chief, says he’ll be back in state after assignment

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BENGALURU: Karnataka Director General and Inspector General of Polic (DG&IGP) Praveen Sood, who will take over as director of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) next week, said that he will be handing over charge to his successor soon.

In a series of tweets from the @DgpKarnataka handle, he wrote, “I will soon be handing over charge to my successor and exiting out of this official handle of DG&IGP Karnataka. I started this handle in Feb 2020 after taking charge and connected with all of you on official matters. Glad to note that more than 1.6 lakh people are following it”.

“Thank you very much for your responses and feedback on official matters concerning Karnataka Police. I will continue to use my personal handle @Copsview for my personal views. Thank you for the love and affection shown to me in past 3.5 years as HOPF and 37 years in general”.

“I will be back to Karnataka after completing my next assignment ie in May 2025. Thanks for all the support”.

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