Dense fog envelops North India, 20 trains running late

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NEW DELHI: As the cold wave tightened its icy grip across North India, Delhiites once again woke up to dense fog cloaking the whole city.

A dense layer of fog from Punjab and Northwest Rajasthan to East Uttar Pradesh across Haryana continued in theĀ  morning, as predicted by the India Meteorological Department (IMD).

Dense fog engulfed Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur with people complaining of visibility dropping below 10 meters.

“There is a lot of fog in the morning, the visibility has been reduced below 10 meters. There is no visibility in the area, where there is no movement of traffic,” Abhishek Singh said on his way to coaching.

“It is very cold in the morning, the cold wave has increased a lot. The fog is so thick that nothing is visible beyond 8-10 meters. It is also difficult to take the children to school,” another resident of Gorakhpur, Dharampal Singh said.

“Yesterday a vehicle pile-up accident was witnessed near the Tendua Toll Plaza. There was no casualty anywhere, but we are requesting people not to come out of their houses in this weather and drive less,” he added.

On Thursday, 20 trains are reportedly running late by a few hours due to poor visibility induced by fog.

According to CPRO Northern Railway, Katra-Hapa Swaraj Express is running late by 2:30 hours; Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi Duronto by 1:30 hours; Saharsa-New Delhi Vaishali Express by 2 hours; Vishakhapatnam-New Delhi Express by 3 hours;

Ghazipur-Anand Vihar by 4:30 hours; Katra-New Delhi Uttar Sampark Kranti by 2 hours; Rajgir-New Delhi Shramjeevi by 3 hours; Amritsar-Vishakhapatnam Hirakud by 1:30 hours; Jammu-New Delhi Rajdhani Express by 2 hours; Lucknow-New Delhi AC by 3:00 hours;

Lucknow-New Delhi Mail by 3 hours; Howrah-New Delhi Poorva Express by 4:30 hours; Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani by 1:30 hours; Amritsar-Nanded Sachkhand by 2:30 hours; Kamakhya-Delhi Brahmputra Mail by 3:30 hours; Ayodhya Cantt-Delhi Express by 4:30 hours; Raxual-Anand vihar T Express by 3:30 hours; Muzzafarpur-Anand Vihar S. Kranti by 4 hours; Raxual-Anand Vihar Suheldev by 4:30 hours; Danapur-Anand Vihar 4:30 hours. (ANI)

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