Delhi Tihar Jail gears up to update the technology inside the jail

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NEW DELHI: Delhi Tihar Jail administration is now preparing to update the technology of jammers inside the jail.

According to Tihar Jail sources, the existing jammers have failed to jam the 5G network after the introduction of this super-advanced technology.

The Tihar administration has already informed the Delhi government about this.

Therefore, there is a need to update the jammers.

Preparations are already underway though it might take some more time to get implemented.

According to Tihar officials, there are three jammers in Tihar Jail and one each in Mandoli and Rohini Jail.

They have already mastered the skill of jamming 3G and 4G networks.

Meanwhile, notorious gangsters, are taking the advantage of this, even staying within the boundaries of the jail.

These jammers work like dominant towers which reduce the signal strength of the network inside the prison.

According to Tihar Jail sources, there are many dark spots inside the jail where the rays of the jammers can’t penetrate.

Jammers are unable to jam the calls going in and out of the jail, taking advantage of those dark spots.

Therefore the technology is reviewed from time to time and efforts are being made to eliminate the spots challenging the jammers. (ANI)

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