Delhi CM Kejriwal: ‘Cylinder will cost Rs 5000 if ‘One Nation, One Election’ is implemented’

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JAIPUR: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said that a cylinder will cost Rs Rs 5000 if the ‘One Nation, One Election’ is implemented in the country.

Addressing a public meeting in Jaipur, Arvind Kejriwal said,” If elections are held once in five years, then the cylinder will be available for Rs 5000 and after five years, PM Modi will say that he has reduced it by Rs 200. I have a demand that there should be one nation with twenty elections. There should be elections every third month.”

Kejriwal further targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi by stating that if someone is asking for votes in the name of ‘One Nation, One Election’ then it reflects that no work has been done for the public by him in the last nine years.

“I feel sad that even after being the Prime Minister for nine years, PM Modi is asking for votes on ‘One Nation, One Election’. If One Nation 1000 elections happen, what do we have to do with it, what will you get from it? Even after being the Prime Minister for nine years, if someone asks for votes on ‘One Nation, One Election’, it means that he has not done any work,” he said.

He also mentioned that PM Modi is troubled by the fact that he has to face the public at regular intervals due to the current system of elections in our country.

“It should be ‘One Nation, One Education’, ‘One Nation, One Treatment’. I thought a lot about why PM Modi is saying this. In five years, the leader comes to you only when elections are held. Elections are held in our country every six months, PM Modi is troubled by the fact that he has to go to the public every six months,” he said.

The Centre on September 1, constituted a committee headed by former President Ram Nath Kovind to explore the possibility of ‘One Nation, One Election’ which envisages the holding of general election and state assembly elections simultaneously.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has several times pitched the idea of ‘One Nation, One Election’. In November 2020 while addressing a conference of presiding officers he said, “One nation, one election is not only a subject of debate but a necessity for India. There is an election in India every month, which hampers development. Why should the country waste so much money?”

If ‘One Nation, One Election’ does come into effect it could mean that elections for the Lok Sabha and state assemblies across India will be held simultaneously. (ANI)

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