‘Decisive defeat of those who want to corrupt democratic process’: Surjewala on RS polls results

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BENGALURU:  Expressing joy over the outcome of the Rajya Sabha polls in Karnataka, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said on Tuesday that the results are a victory for INDIA bloc, adding that it is a decisive defeat for those who want to corrupt the democratic setup in the country.

The ruling Congress party in Karnataka registered victory on three seats in the Rajya Sabha polls, while the BJP managed to secure a win on one seat.
Addressing reporters in Bengaluru, Randeep Surjewala said, “This is a decisive victory for INDIA. This is a decisive defeat of those who want to corrupt the democratic process through the sale and purchase of legislators. This is a victory of principles, ideals, morality and numbers.”

Congress’ Karnataka-incharge Randeep Surjewala said that results reflect the “rejection of unholy, undemocratic alliance of BJP-JDS”.

“Their alliance has been founded on the muscle power of ED, CBI and Income Tax. Karnataka has spoken clearly that money and muscle power will not work, only democratic power will work,” he said.

All three Congress candidates from Karnataka, Ajay Maken, Dr Syed Naseer Hussain and GC Chandrashekhar registered victories in the Rajya Sabha polls on Tuesday.

Ajay Maken got 47 votes, while both Dr Syed Naseer Hussain and GC Chandrashekhar received a total of 46 votes each.
Meanwhile, BJP candidate Narayanasa Bhandage also won the Rajya Sabha polls.

Also, the BJP-JDS candidate Kupendra Reddy lost the elections after cross-voting by BJP MLA ST Somashekar who voted in favour of Congress in the Rajya Sabha polls.

After registering victory from Karnataka, Congress leader Dr Syed Naseer Hussain said that the outcome of the results came on expected lines.

“This was an expected victory. We had enough votes to win all three seats. We got more votes for these three seats. This is an important victory ahead of Lok Sabha. It is a privilege for me to be in the Upper House and represent the Congress party and Karnataka for the second consecutive time,” he said.

The term for Rajya Sabha MPs is six years, and elections are held every two years for 33 per cent of the seats. Currently, the Rajya Sabha has a strength of 245 members.Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls in the country, the outcome of the polls for the Rajya Sabha is likely to have an impact on the politically crucial state. (ANI)

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