Deadly manja continues to be sold in Bengaluru despite ban since 2017

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BENGALURU: Despite a ban on its sale, the Chinese manja, used to fly kites, continues to be sold at Chickpet and Balepet markets, an exposé by Public TV has revealed. The state government had banned the sale of Chinese Manja in 2017.

The Chinese manja has taken the lives of many animals and birds, including some endangered species. Animal rescue organisations are demanding that the government strictly implement the ban on sale of Chinese manja in the city’s markets.

A bird trapped in the Chinese manja thread.

While flying, birds get trapped in the manja thread. Fire brigade personnel and animal organisations find it difficult to rescue the trapped bird. The animal rescue organisations have urged the BBMP and government to put a complete stop to illegal sale of the dangerous kite-flying thread which can also pose a threat to human beings.

Rahul, a bird rescuer, says they rescue many birds every day.

“The state government had banned the sale of Chinese manja in 2017. It is mostly used to fly kites, as it does not cut easily. Birds hit these threads when they fly, and get hurt. It has endangered the lives of many birds. Around 10–15 birds are rescued on a daily basis. Even though it is banned, it is still available in the markets. Many birds, like pigeons and mynas are commonly rescued in the city. It takes time and lot of effort to rescue the birds as they may be wounded. Humans beings have also been affected in some cases”, said Rahul, a bird rescuer.

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