Dalits struggle to perform final rites of community member in Yadgir village

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Public TV English
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The villagers had to wade through waist-deep water with the body.

YADAGIR: Dalits at Tallalli village in Hunsagi taluk are being forced to cross a stream and walk for kilometres to perform the final rites of the dead from their community.

Crossing the stream during the rainy season is an arduous task.

The family members of Bhimaraya Hadimani struggled to bury the body as the burial site provided for Dalits is near the stream. They carried the body across the flowing water to perform last rites on the other side of the stream.

Dalits have been given land for burial across the stream.

Performing the last rites becomes and ordeal especially when the stream overflows during the rainy season. The villagers have requested for a proper place with adequate facilities for burials. Villagers are outraged at the officials for not providing a proper facility to cremate the body.

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