Daily protests at Freedom Park hindering studies, say Maharani Cluster University students

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By Madesh Anekal

BENGALURU: With a view to minimise inconvenience to motorists, the state government, prodded by the high court, ruled that all protests will be held only at Freedom Park. But this has now brought a different kind of problem to the fore. The frequent protests are hampering the studies of the students of the Maharani Cluster University just across the road.

The vice-chancellor of the Maharani Cluster University, L Gomathi Devi, says the loud noise of protest from Freedom Park, coupled with the noise from traffic on Seshadri Road, is affecting teaching and learning in classrooms.

Maharani Cluster University Vice-Chancellor L Gomati Devi.

“We have classes, exams going on and there is so much noise coming from Freedom Park. Students are not able to concentrate on their studies and teachers have to teach in a raised voice. We have requested protesters on several occasions to reduce the noise, but they don’t heed our request. We plan to give a representation to the police soon,” said the V-C.

Harshashri, a student

Students too complain that they are unable to cope with the noise. “We can’t concentrate in class. Even in the hostel, it’s difficult for our studies. There is too much noise. We don’t know whom to approach”, says a despondent Harshashri.

Ratna, another student.

“This noise is a daily affair. Our class is just 100 metress away and protests are on throughout the day. There also traffic noise. When we write exams, we use key words. But with these protests going on, only their slogans come to mind”, rues Ratna, another student.

Freedom Park Committee president Gandasi Nagaraj

Freedom Park Committee president Gandasi Nagaraj said, “This is the only place for protesters. The high court has also said protests can be held only here. There are 4-5 educational institutions around this place and 3,000-5,000 students study there. The daily protests disturbed the students during the recent exams due to the use of loudspeakers. The protesters too have children and they should understand the problems being faced by students.

A protest going on at Freedom Park.

“It is the police and the BBMP who give permission for holding protests and use of loudspeakers. About 10,000-15,000 people assemble at Freedom Park every day and raise slogans and use loudspeakers. Now who will look into the problems of students? The authorities concerned should find an amicable solution”, he added.

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