CWRC asks Karnataka to ensure 3000 cusecs of Cauvery water release from Sept 28 to Oct 15

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NEW DELHI: The Cauvery Water Regulation Committee (CWRC) has recommended Karnataka to ensure release of 3000 cusecs of Cauvery water at Biligundlu starting from September 28 upto October 15, 2023. The amount of water to be released was earlier 5000 cusecs.

In its 87th meeting of CWRC held in New Delhi today, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu made their submissions before the committee.

The submission made by Karnataka stated that the shortfall in cumulative inflows to the state’s four reservoirs upto September 25 was 53.04 per cent.

“The Government of Karnataka in the order dated September 13 has declared 161 Talukas in the State as severely drought-affected and 34 Talukas as moderately drought-affected. Out of this, 32 severely drought-affected Talukas and 15 moderately drought-affected Talukas fall in the Cauvery basin. This aspect needs utmost recognition and invites critical consideration by the committee,” the submission said.

The submission further stated that Karnataka was not in a position to release any water from its reservoirs or contribute any flows from its reservoirs to the flows to be maintained at the interstate border of Biligundlu.

Tamil Nadu urged CWRC that Karnataka has to release the shortfall quantity immediately and further flows as per the distress proportion. Tamil Nadu also urged CWRC that Karnataka too had to reduce its irrigation supply based on the distress proportion.

Earlier, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Tuesday accused opposition parties Bharatiya Janata Party and Janata Dal (Secular) in Karnataka of “doing politics” over Cauvery water sharing row.

Speaking to reporters in Mysuru, CM said, “It’s most unfortunate that BJP and JDS both are doing politics in Cauvery issue. It is just because of politics, not for the people of the state or the people”.

The Karnataka CM also urged the Water Management Authority to implement a distress formula for Water Sharing when there was a water shortage.

“So far no distress formula has been implemented. We have been praying for the distress formula in Cauvery water sharing issue. SC or CWMA have not given distress formula solution, whenever there is less rain, there should

be distress formula to share water” Siddaramaiah said.

The order from the CWMA comes on day where organisations organised a bandh in Bengaluru against the CWMA’s decision ordering the government to release water.

There have also been protests in Trichy and other regions of Tamil Nadu along the Cauvery delta where the farmers allege they do not have enough water to ensure Kurai (Paddy Crop) Cultivation. (ANI)

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