Curiosity over T Narasipur seat after Mahadevappa steps back from Nanjangud

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Former minister H C Mahadevappa called on Darshan, son of R Dhruvanarayan who passed away recently, to pay his condolences.

BENGALURU, MYSURU: In a show of support for Darshan, son of KPCC working president R Dhruvanarayan who passed away recently, former Congress minister H C Mahadevappa has declared that he will not contest from Nanjangud Assembly constituency. He has also said that his son Sunil Bose will not contest from that constituency.

After Dhruvanarayan’s untimely death, there has been a chorus for giving the Congress ticket to his son Darshan. Following this, Mahadevappa declared that neither he nor his son will contest from Nanjangud.

H C Mahadevappa with Darshan and Sunil Bose.

With both Mahadevappa and his son Sunil Bose keeping off Nanjangud, it will be interesting to see who among the father-son duo will contest from T Narsipur. If Mahadevappa decides to contest from there, Sunil Bose will have to step back. But if he decides to let his son contest from T Narsipur, he will be withdrawing from what would almost be his last electoral battle. Who among the father-son duo will contest and from where has raised curiosity in political circles.

Mahadevappa said both he and Dhruvanarayan had applied for the Nanjangud ticket.

Mahadevappa, who visited Darshan to offer his condolences on Wednesday evening, told Public TV, “I am extending my full support to Darshan Dhruvanarayan. I never had any political differences with Dhruvanarayan. During the Nanjangud bypoll, there was pressure from supporters to give the ticket to my son, but the party leadership decided on Kalale Keshavamurthy. In view of the development work that I had done in Nanjangud, people wanted me to contest from there. It is true that both myself and Dhruvanarayan had applied for the party ticket. Both Sunil and Darshan are my sons and it is my duty to stand with Darshan in this hour.”

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