Couple loses Rs 30 lakh worth of gold from locker, bank staff defiant

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BENGALURU: A couple, who had kept their gold jewellery worth Rs 30 lakh in a bank locker were shocked to find out that the gold was missing. To top it, the bank officials allegedly gave them dismissive replies. The couple have now approached the police.

Krishnakumar B N and his wife H S Uma had deposited over 500 gm of gold in a locker at the Yelahanka New Town branch of Karnataka Bank in July before proceeding to Germany to be with their son. After they, returned, the couple visited the bank on November 10 and were shocked to discover that the gold was missing. They immediately informed the bank manager Pradeep who sought three days time to trace the missing gold jewellery.

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After three days, when they visited the bank again, the manager dismissively told the couple to lodge a complaint with the police if they wished, Krishnakumar said. The couple have now lodged a complaint with the Yelahanka New Town police alleging negligence on the part of the bank officials.

During their initial investigation, the police found negligence on the part of the bank staff. A locker is to be opened with two keys and entries have to be made in the register. More importantly, only the manager or assistant manager should open the lockers in the presence of the locker owners. However, it has come to light that the bank clerks too used to enter the locker room.

The police suspect that the bank staff themselves may be involved in the theft and are on the trail of the thieves.

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