Couple brutally assaulted by gang of youths over dispute on price of cigarette lighter

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Tea shop owner Ramesh being assaulted with chairs and rods.

MYSURU: A couple running a tea and juice shop at T Narsipur were brutally beaten up by a gang of youths over a dispute regarding buying a cigarette lighter.

An argument had broken out the previous day over the cost of a cigarette lighter.

On Saturday, two youths went to the Thibbadevi Coffee Day shop run by Ramesh and Shobha to purchase a cigarette lighter. When they were told that it costs Rs 20, the two youths picked an argument of the price. Ramesh then told them that they could purchase the lighter at any other shop.

Angered by this, the youths pulled Shobha by the hair. The woman fought them off herself and pushed them out of the shop.


Ramesh being dragged away the youths.

The next day, the youths arrived with some of their friends, armed with an iron rod and again picked a fight. They suddenly grabbed Ramesh, ransacked the shop, disrobed him and even assaulted him with chairs and rods.

The T Narsipur police have registered a case against the youths.

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