Condolence meeting held in memory of veteran journalist K Satyanarayana

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Public TV Chairman H R Ranganath paying tributes at the condolence meeting organised in honour of senior journalist K Satyanaraya at the Press Club of Bangalore in Bengaluru on Saturday.

BENGALURU: A week after the demise of senior journalist K Satyanarayana, a condolence meeting was organised by Karnataka Working Journalists Association and the Bengaluru Press Club in association with fans of the veteran scribe, was held at the Press Club auditorium in Bengaluru on Saturday.

K Satyanarayana (82) passed away at his house at LIC Colony in Jayanagar from age-related illness on January 8.

At the condolence meeting, several senior journalists, family members, friends and colleagues paid homage to the departed soul. Some people, who had been associated with Satyanarayana for several years, shared their experiences and journeys with him.

Satyanarayana’s daughter Apoorva, recollecting her memories, spoke about her father’s personality at the programme. “Today’s children say ‘my father taught me to ride a bicycle, my father taught me to ride a bike’. Back then, when I was writing an essay on the budget, my father advised me that it is not enough to just look at the budget, but to look at the Economic Survey too”, she noted.

Senior journalist D Umapathi noted that Satyanarayana, popularly known as Satya, kept himself away from power centres, and added that there are only a few such people now.

He further said, “He had and amazing personality. He has left us with a bag on his shoulder saying that his work is done. He taught us a lesson that working in newspapers is not like other jobs”, Umapati recalled.


Karnataka Working Journalists’ Association president Shivananda Tagaduru said, “It will be an honour for us if we follow and adopt the ideals of Satyanarayana in news coverage. He lived an ideal life”.

Bangaluru Press Club president R Sridhar said none could counter Satyanarayana’s artricles or reports as he always based them on hard facts. “As a journalist, he always stood with the truth”, he noted.

Several senior journalists and fans of Satyanarayana took part in the condolence meeting.

Public TV Chairman H R Ranganath, senior journalist Imran Qureshi, Karnataka Media Academy president Sadashiva Shenoy, senior journalists Ramakrishna Upadhyaya, Nagamani, T Ramaiah, senior writer Vijayamma, Kannada Prabha editor Ravi Hegade and several others attended the condolence meeting.

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