Common man hasn’t gained anything from BJP govt at Centre: Home Minister G Parameshwara

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TUMAKURU: With the first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha election in Karnataka two weeks away, Home Minister G Parameshwara on Friday expressed confidence in the victory of the Congress party and claimed that the common man has not gained anything from the ruling BJP government at Centre, and as a result, they will react to this.

The Home Minister said, “Compared to the previous elections, this time it’s different. We can see there is a change in their (people’s) perception. There is a change in terms of their decision-making. Now they’re looking more towards Congress. In Tumakuru constituency particularly, we are going to win. People feel that the prices of essential commodities have gone up. It may be the feeling of GST on different commodities and also nothing happening in terms of the normal life of an ordinary citizen. And I would imagine this would be the same scenario throughout the country”.

“A common man feels that nothing happened to him personally. So naturally, he would react to that or respond to that, you know, after 10 years of governance of Modiji, I think the common man has not gained anything extra”, he added.

Parameshwara hit out at the BJP-led central government over the promise of providing local employment to 6,500 people through Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and alleged that the employment promise has not been fulfilled.

“The HAL helicopter factory was conceived during the time of Dr Manmohan Singh when AK Antony was the Defence Minister. Later, the government changed and PM Modi came to power. PM Modi came and laid the foundation stone and said in his announcement that in 18 months, they will launch the first helicopter from here. Even after five years, we are waiting. They had promised to provide local employment to 6,500 people, I don’t think it happened”, he said.

Accusing the ruling BJP-led government of taking political advantage in everything, Parameshwara said, “In everything whatever so far they have done, they’ve taken political advantage of it. And they look at their outlook towards politics, I mean, this is unfortunate. You know, as a nation, as a Prime Minister, as a government, which is in power, you should know it’s your duty to see that the country develops”.

“You should see that society develops that is your fundamental duty that is what you promised to people. So there is no speciality. But our concern is, you know, in what way it is. That is what our concern is”, Parameshwara added. (ANI)

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