Commercial power users get shock as electricity bills almost double

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BENGALURU: The Congress promised to provide 200 units of free power for every house before the polls. But, now the government has doubled the electricity bills issued by different Escoms, and left thousands of commercial electricity consumers are in shock.

For instance, the two bills of same RR number for May and June this year were compared. In May, the bill shows a consumption of 100 units with fixed charges of Rs 3,000 and energy charges of Rs 890. The total amount to be paid, including tax and others, was Rs 3,976.

In June electricity bill for the same RR number show a huge difference. While it shows consumption of a total of 130 units, the fixed charges has been increased by Rs 1,800 while energy charges have also increased by Rs 215. Also, the power utility has calculated the total units consumed used in a single slab and the total bill has come up to a massive Rs 6,052 including tax and other costs.

Now, the businessmen have expressed outrage against government over hike of power tariff. Madhukar Shetty of a hotel association said, “The Congress government has planned to give 200 units of free power to people, but this should not become a burden for others. Common people like us are all taxpayers. The unit price varies for commercial and residential users. Hoteliers have to pay double the price”.

“Last month, we got a bill of Rs 80,000 in one of our branches, and this month we got a bill of Rs 1.07 lakh for the same premises for the same power consumption. The government is imposing a burden on commercial consumers and this is not right. There is an increase of Rs 26,000 at the same branch. How can we survive? This will be difficult for us”, he added.

Madhukar Shetty pointed out, “Prices of LPG cylinders and electricity have increased, so also the prices of grocery items. All these are important. Electricity is free for political representatives. Bills will be paid by the government itself. In case of ordinary citizens, if the bill is not paid, Bescom will disconnect the power supply. We feel the pinch even if the power tariff is increased by just one rupee. The government should consider this seriously and should ensure social justice”.

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